APC Saw Mk 2

Aew delford systems apc saw+ (also known as the Mk II) applies all the benefits of vision technology to the cutting of bone-in and frozen products. This high output, automatic horizontal bandsaw produces up to 162 constant weight portions per minute, enabling a single operator to produce more than 500 kgs (1100lbs) of weight controlled portions in one hour. Giving maximum yields from ultra-high speed bandsaw blades, the apc saw+ maintains portion weight accuracy typically to 2 to 3% standard deviation. No tempering is required; it portions hard frozen product with a superb quality cut no smear, curl, bone chips or saw dust on the product. The plc and servo motor control system enable easy and convenient set up via the enhanced operator touch screen.

Features and Benefits

  • Cuts a wide variety of hard frozen or bone-in meat or fish products to constant thickness.
  • Gravity feed system ensures the highest yields.
  • Ultra high blade speed gives superb cut quality with no smear, no curl, no bone chips and a clean cut product face.
  • Portion thickness can be easily controlled to an accuracy of 0.1mm.
  • High output. A single operator can produce 600 kgs of constant thickness por tions in one hour.
  • Speeds. Up to 180 por tions per minute or 360 portions of smaller, regular meat or fish products.
  • Left and right handed versions enable one operator to load two machines.
  • Product and blade totally enclosed for maximum safety.
  • High quality, robust stainless steel construction.
  • Quick and easy to clean.
  • CE certified